Quality Control Tests

Raw Material

The raw material (High Carbon steel bars) comes from certified supplies in order to guarantee no internal steel defects.

Inspection activities: ultrasonic test UT.

Grinding Media

Hardness control test: Surface and Volumetric Hardness

Dimensional control: diameter tolerance

Ball surface control

Drop Ball Impact Test DBT: SAG balls are tested with our DBT (8m height) in order to check the impact resistance.

Microstructure analysis: Optical Microscope and Scanning

Electron Microscope (SEM)

Chemical analysis: Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES), X-ray Spectrometer.

Roll Forging Mill


Steel Forged Grinding Balls

Sizes: 20 – 130 mm

Rolling Mill

Two forging lines with Heat Treatment Process:

Line S75: diameters from 20 to 70mm

Line S85: diameters from 80 to 130mm

Total Capacity: 70.000 ton per year


Bulk: loose in container

Drums: reconditioned metal drums metal drums on pallet

Bags: big bags, big bags in wooden crates or on pallet